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Amortization Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator

Income Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Paycheck Calculator

Payment Calculator

Savings Calculator

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Income Calculator

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Paycheck Calculator

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Savings Calculator

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Payment Calculator

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    Total Payment

`ge Calculator

This calculator calculates U.S. and Canadian monthly mortgage payments based on principal, interest and term. U.S. mortgages are compounded monthly while Canadian mortgages are compounded semi-annually.

Amortization(Years) =

Term (Years) =

Yearly Interest Rate (%) =

Principal Amount ($) =

Downpayment (%) =

Downpayment Required ($) =

Mortgage Principal ($) =

Monthly Payment ($) =

Still Owing at End of Term ($) =

Compound Interest Calculator

Principal Months
1 = .08
2 = .17
3 = .25
4 = .33
5 = .42
6 = .50
7 = .58
8 = .67
9 = .75
10 = .83
11 = .92

Amortization Schedule for Your Purchase

Number of Months of Loan

Simple Interest Rate

Total Amount of Loan


After obtaining your amortization schedule in the window below, you must Mark (Control-a or Apple-a) the text, Copy (Control-c or Apple-c) and Paste it (Control-v or Apple-v) into a new word processing document on your system. It cannot be printed out from this screen.